Levi Roots shares his inspirational story at LDB Hastings Expo 2016 - Let's Do Business
LDB Hastings 2016

Inspirational entrepreneur and businessman Levi Roots enjoyed an appearance at the Let’s Do Business exhibitions in Sept 2016, at our new Hastings venue, The Hastings Centre.

A firm favourite with the crowds, Levi met business people from across Sussex, touring the exhibitor offerings and crowning his winning stand design once again. Following his inspiring and lively speech at our Brighton exhibition earlier this year, we couldn’t let Levi go without asking him to take centre stage once more to share his pearls of wisdom and the story of how he built his successful empire.

In addition to treating the crowd to some poetry and some of his musical talent, Levi began his speech by noting that one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and owners of young businesses face is taking the next step in trying to grow their enterprise. He conceded that though this step is often the scariest stage in business development, it is essential to ensuring businesses continue to grow and prosper.

He noted he was always ambitious, but in the early start -up days, he found it a challenge to obtain funding from banks who didn’t understand his brand, which meant he wasn’t able to grow his business at the rate he’d like.

Anyone who has heard of Levi will surely know his personality is a fundamental part to the Levi Roots brand, meaning everything, from the products he brings out, to his own name, must reflect what he stands for as a person. This was a subject of focus for Levi throughout his engaging speech, and something he wanted to ensure came across on his now infamous appearance on Dragon’s Den back in 2007. Levi noted this is particularly important when selling your business – people do business with people, and business owners should always represent what they sell and seek to continually demonstrate the attributes their brand stands for.

When asked what he thought to be one of the most important elements of owning a business and brand, Levi noted that operating with integrity was of paramount importance to him. He continued to explain that he had encountered many situations throughout his career where he’d had to make toughdecisions, but chose to stay true to himself and what he stands for. Examples of this included products in his range, which he explained he decided not to include after significant demand due to a conflict of interest with his beliefs.

Keen to continue to grow his offering, Levi talked about his new -˜rastaurant’ and how he is keen to give back to the business community and support people in their careers via mentoring. As well as sharing his musings on business and finance, Levi also treated exhibition goers to some of his trademark humour, bantering about changing his name and showcasing his catchy rhyming skills.

The talk was rounded off with the toughest question of the session, when Levi was asked to choose between the traditional Hastings fare of fish and chips, and his favourite traditional Caribbean food, and he admitted he was particularly fond of both. After being pressed by the audience, Levi concluded he’d have to go with his favourite dish of jerk chicken, rice and peas, and with that waved a fond farewell to the crowd-¦until next time Mr Roots!

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Posted on: 04-11-2016